Parenting Series

Do not take it personally if your teenager prefers to be with his/her
friends. Don’t push but remain available. If you feel rejected and back-off,
your teen may feel rejected in return.

Most smoking, consuming and drug taking takes spot in a peer group. So, one
with the most important points you can do is always to encourage your kids to
bring their close friends’ home so that you’ll be able to see what they’re
undertaking, and in order that you understand their good friends. It is crucial
that your youngsters possess a great team of pals that are wholesome function

parenting advice that probably doesn’t need to be mentioned as much is to
always be watching for signs. Drastic changes in your child(ren) in a short
time that last more than a day or 2 should be a reason for serious alert. With
all the threats that we are now aware of against our children with the above in
mind add what peer pressure can bring them; you need to catch it if it happens
or shortly after. Keep in mind that most of these threats are found more in
everyday life than online, though the internet does offer potential problems as

What you need to become your teenagers is that you’ll find several
implications for every single risk you take. Some dangers are okay due to the
fact they’re not going to frequently result in significant injuries for your

There are at least two versions to every story. Your child may attempt to
slant the facts in a way that gives you what she thinks you want to hear. So,
give the other parent the benefit of the doubt when your child reports on
extraordinary discipline and/or rewards.

Of course, this would never work in the real world. Can you imagine the
average worker doing his job for the greater good, and being happy with the
money they get the for the privilege of being a citizen? Never mind being
micromanaged on how to spend it! I much prefer giving children a taste of the
real world when it comes to doling out money.

Learn find school interesting as education is made fun and creative. The
school has many learning toys like blocks, clay making and puzzles. Learning at
the school is entertaining and a visual treat. The infrastructure at the school
is colorful and attractive. The furniture used in the playschools is very
ergonomic and specially designed for children. Other playthings like slide,
see-saw are there for the kids. Here the kids enjoy the entire learning

Divorce creates a breakdown of trust and communication. Accept this and work
towards rebuilding trust and communication with the other parent, even if it
feels like you are doing all the work. And, be patient, emotional wounds need
time to heal.