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How to Pick the Right MSP Monitoring Software

Managed services providers (MSPs) rarely enjoy shopping for remote monitoring and management (RMM) software. And in most cases, they end up doing it at least twice – sometimes, up to four times.

RMM software is the primary technology managed services rely on, so choosing the right system is an absolute must. If you’re in search of an RMM that fits your needs perfectly – and one that won’t have you switching systems and burning your budget in the process – consider these tips:

Creating a Strategy

When you talk about shopping for RMM software, haste spurs waste. Create a detailed business plan before you shop. As soon as you’ve identified the services you want to deliver and to which customers, can you easily determine the system that will best satisfy your needs.

Attention to “Minor” Features

Most RMM systems are essentially similar, so when you evaluate different software, never take the lesser but still vital features, such as:

Professional Services Automation (PSA) Compatibility

PSA products are tools that MSPs use for managing daily business operations like billing and reporting.


When you share uptime summaries and other reports with your clients, they develop a deeper understanding of your value in their business.


With a robust scripting engine, you can save time and as well as labor since routine maintenance tasks can be executed automatically. In addition, consider that agent-based systems install small monitoring software on your customer’s servers and desktops, while probe-based systems use only one server plus network connections for tracking other devices used by the customer.

Hosted vs.On-Premise

Majority of RMM tools are either hosted or traditional (on-premise). Whichever is right for you is dictated by the size of your start-up capital. Hosted solutions don’t need huge upfront infrastructure and licensing costs and often deploy fast. Monthly subscription fees add up rather easily though.

Exploring the Add-Ons

MSP tool vendors typically sell more than just RMM software. As well, they often offer managed security and backup add-ons, or interfaces that make interoperating with third-party security and backup tools possible. Compared to integrating multiple solutions, it is less expensive and simpler to use an RMM system with inbuilt security and backup abilities, but this can also be very limiting.

Asking Peers for Feedback

Never depend only on your own opinions of RMM systems. Check out local peer groups, for example, to consult MSP veterans.

Taking a Test Drive

Lastly, don’t purchase an RMM system if you haven’t thoroughly tested it first – and we’re not talking simulated customers here. Go out of your lab environment and test it in real life!Not everything that works in your lab environment will actually work, so get testing in real life!If something works in your lab environment, it won’t necessarily work outside, so always test in real-life. Give it a real-life test.

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