New style?

By a few weeks old, my babies were getting up about every 3 hours and right around the same time every night. For the purpose of this process, I will use the following schedule as an example. We’ll say your baby is waking up at night around 10pm, 1am and 4am.

What if you and your spouse‚Äôs parenting styles were part of your marital conflict and you’re ready to adopt a new style? When change is inevitable, be as clear and firm as possible regarding the new rules while the children are with you. Make it clear that what is ok with the other parent is not OK with you. Remember; also, be fair, understanding, patient and gentle. It may take a while for your kids to accept your new style of parenting. Being firm is different than being overbearing. It is possible to let them know what is expected without being mean or scary. Kids seek acceptance through their behavior. It’s your job to bring out the best in your kids by showing them the love and respect they too deserve.

21.Even if the other parent disappoints your child or fails to honor a time commitment, you will tell the child that despite this error the other parent loves the child very much.