Practice more direct

“Talk with girls about relational violence (such as gossip, rumor-spreading and exclusion) as well as physical violence (hitting or fighting). Affirm girls’ relational strengths and sense of fairness, help them identify and hold on to their strong feelings, like anger, and encourage them to practice more direct, positive ways to effect change in their relationships,” says Brown.

If you are visiting the couple after the birth of their child, you have the advantage of choosing boy baby bedding or girl baby bedding. There are many ways in which baby bedding sets for boys may differ from those for girls. Explore the varieties in two categories on the internet to have some great ideas.

Hand gestures can aid in disciplining your child when all other methods are failing. This is a non-verbal way of warning your child when he is behaving inappropriately, and it will give him a chance to change his behavior before you carry out a discipline.

Go with your child on their first day. It’s very tempting to allow school funded transportation to take your child to school but know that they are a little person who for all their bravado might not be as comfortable as you might want to believe. Even though my son is bouncing off the walls and ready for school, I want him to be comfortable and not be afraid to go to school.

The competition with handheld video games, and WIIS, play stations, and other fast-moving gaming systems puts reading further back on the dusty shelf of days gone by. For parents attempting to set limits and restore sanity, this can be arduous. The downside of not being able to read fluently is tremendous, as it not only effects the obvious subject of language arts, but also the ability to read science and math textbooks with coherence and comprehension.